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I want to use the Slack Notification Plugin in my pipelines, which is very easy:

slackSend color: 'danger', message: 'Everything broke'

However, I don't want the build to break if slackSend doesn't exist. Is there a way to check that first?


You might be able to wrap it in a conditional, though I'm not sure how Jenkins adds stuff to the scripts...

if(this.respondsTo('slackSend')) {
    slackSend color: 'danger', message: 'Everything broke'


You could always use the old try/catch to make sure your build doesn't fail on this step :

def resultBefore = currentBuild.result
try {
   slackSend color: 'danger', message: 'Everything broke'
} catch(err) {
   currentBuild.result = resultBefore

However, I don't really see why slackSend command would not exist ? It can fail (e.g. if your Slack server is down) but as long as you have Slack Notification Plugin installed it should exist !

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