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Which is more optimized between 2 case below?

if ($var == 'value') {} 


if ('value' == $var) {}

Sorry if this is duplicated with another question but I can not google out the answer.



This's called Yoda Conditions, more information here.


There's no actual difference. The second one is used to defend yourself from typo if ($var = 'value') But not really readable. Use mostly the first one unless you are so tired that while typing you miss characters.

If you write code

if ($var = 'val') echo $var; //Output will be "val"

but if you do

if ('val' = $var) echo $var;

You'll get syntax error.


'value' == $var is called a yoda condition. And generally is not used, because it is less readable.

In performance matter, I'm not sure, but I guess your interpreter generate the exact same opcode.


The mostly used one is $var=="value" and if you want to it optimize then instead of == use ===


I suggest to use

$var == 'value'

form to increase readability. I do not think there is a real performance gap between the two, does not have any info on it (or i could not find it).

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