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I'm currently trying to implement dynamic lighting into my game. This is the way I have it set up now:

public ComponentTexture(ComponentTileMap tileMap) {
    int r = tileMap.getWidth()/2;
    Pixmap pixMap = new Pixmap(r*2, r*2, Format.RGBA8888);
    for(int x = -r; x < r; x++)
        for(int y = -r; y < r; y++) {
            if(!tileMap.hasTileAt(x, y))
            pixMap.setColor(Color.BLACK.cpy().lerp(tileMap.getTile(x, y).color, tileMap.getLight(x, y)));
            pixMap.drawPixel(x + r, r - y - 1);
    this.texture = new Texture(pixMap);

it looks like this

While this does work, it also uses a lot of processing power since it is ran every frame.

I think the correct way to solve this issue is to use a GLSL shader. But how do I pass the brightness for every pixel of the texture to the shader?

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