8 Inspiring Books on Women Overcoming the Challenges of Working in Tech

03-08 21:45

March marks Women’s History Month, a time to look back at the contributions of trailblazing women and reflect upon their legacies. But in celebrating these achievements, the glaring disparities between genders that persist become all the more apparent.

Given that technology and Silicon Valley are such cultural zeitgeists, many women who are raising their voices, telling one another’s professional stories and calling attention to inequality and discrimination hail from the ever-broadening tech sector.

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And in the wake of the#MeToo movement today, the stories that emerge from boardrooms, private jets, mansions and even message threads are simultaneously empowering, because women are speaking up, and demoralizing, because age-old dynamics are at play. A tech-industry-wide culture that purports to prioritize diversity and inclusion constantly undermines its own goals.

Over the past few years, several women who run or work at tech companies, or report on them, have collected anecdotes and advice about how the value women add toward technology development is disproportionate to the way male colleagues treat them, their representation in certain careers andleadership roles, and in turn, sometimes, the way they view their own potential.

The following eight books, by Ellen Pao, Emily Chang, Sarah Lacy and other prominent women business leaders and authors, serve to unveil the truth about women in tech -- and forge a path forward toward a more equitable and less toxic future. Click through the slides to learn more.

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