3 Important Design Trends of March 2018

03-08 14:23

Website design is easily the best thing to have happened this summer. This is evident in the fact that designers have chosen a brighter bolder mood for most of the designs that have been trending in March. Therefore, there has been no room for heavy black and white. In fact, the trending choices have been bold colors that have a lighter feel. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised at all to have a movie-style or poster-like experience.

Here’s what has been trending on the design front in March 2018:

1. Purple Color Palettes

It is interesting to see purple hues becoming prominent across a number of designs after Ultra Violet was declared as the year’s color by Pantone. Agreed, the same dark, deep purple isn’t being used in all the palettes but the designers have been conscious enough to include a red-blue combination. The nice thing about this color is that matches beautifully with other color combinations, like minimal black and white patterns or brighter shades of Material Design.

If you were to look at Community Sector Banking website , for example, the color usage has been brilliant as it has been able to adapt to lots of sectors. One color that hasn’t been used i.e. purple is friendly, engaging, and versatile.

2. Gradients and Text

Gradients are used not just for photo overlays and backgrounds. In fact, text elements when used appropriately can be highlighted when solid gradients are used. The current trend has been inclined towards simple typefaces that have a dash of ‘something extra’. Interestingly, these extras could be anything, like text treatments such as animation or capitalization or a photo fill to pop of color.

A classic example is that of Zoocha’s website . In this website, yellow and blue gradients have been used inside a modern serif on a background that is largely plain. Here, the gradient itself does the trick for the site. And the thing that stands out in the design is its simplicity.

3. Poster-Style Homepages

For quite a while now, homepage designs have been featuring full-screen and oversized videos and images. This trend has been such that it is slowly removing the traditional texts and navigational elements and providing users more of a movie-style or poster-like feel. In a way, this trend can be considered as a wonderful mix-up of lots of colors and ornate styling to go with minimalistic theory.

The absence of several elements is, perhaps, the only major concern with this design trend. For example, the absence of a call to action buttons or navigation may leave few users confused and they may abandon the site altogether. Whilst it is important to provide the website a memorable visual experience, not allowing them to do anything in the process can be a downfall of this trend.

Consider the case of Tofino Resort website . Here, the homepage has an interesting typography to go with a great image. However, the top corner, where a majority of users search for the navigation options, has been replaced with a call to action button ‘book now’. The menu, in fact, has been tucked inside the hamburger icon adjacent to it!


Across your design projects, can you see yourself employing any of the above design trends? Remember, each of the designs listed above has something going for it and has the staying power. Leaving aside the above ones, are there any design trends that have caught your fancy? Do let us know if there are websites that have incredible designs. We would like to hear from you.

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