Inside the lavish lifestyles of people who made a fortune off cryptocurrencies

03-08 01:17
Erik Finman/Instagram

Since the creation of bitcoin in 2009, the world of cryptocurrency has seen plenty of drama: huge price increases, followed by sharp drops — all while believers and cynics frequently clash over whether it has a future.

Still, nearly ten years later, some people have managed to turn an impressive profit on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ripple, and ethereum. Some of them are millionaires, and perhaps even billionaires.

As these photos highlight, many of those who profited early from cryptocurrencies are men. Today, it's estimated that 71% of digital coin owners are male . However, there's a concerted effort among many women in tech to actively engage more women in cryptocurrencies and offer resources for those looking to break into the male-dominated culture surrounding it.

While cryptocurrency investors typically lay low and avoid flaunting their earnings out of fear of being targeted, there's a few displays of wealth and luxury that can be glimpsed on Instagram revealing the newly acquired affluence of the crypto nouveau riche.

Here's an inside look into the lavish lives led by people who invested in cryptocurrencies, made their fortunes, and took to Instagram to show it off:

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