Huawei P20 teaser shows the triple camera will be horizontally positioned

03-07 21:15

It�s nice to see that Huawei isn�t resting on its Leica laurels � it will push through the now common dual camera setup and go up to three cameras. And don�t you forget it, Huawei�s entire marketing campaign for the P20 phones is centered on that.

Here�s the latest video:

A match made in heaven. Putting professional photography within your grasp. #SeeMooore #HuaweiP20

� Huawei Mobile (@HuaweiMobile) March 6, 2018

Notice how the triple camera setup is horizontal rather than vertical, contradicting theleaked promo from yesterday. The promo does confirm that the camera will have AI smarts, the latest buzzwordy trend.

While Huawei didn�t trot out the Leica branding for this promo, the company emphasized �professional photography� (and the outline traced by the lights looks like a Leica S-System).

Thanks for the tip, Waseem!


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