Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S could sport iPhone X-style dual cameras, but a notch still seems unlikely

03-06 19:23

Whether the Mi MIX 2S will be Xiaomi’s first smartphone officially available in the US or not (probably not), the “full screen” handset is definitely coming to China on March 27 , packing Snapdragon 845 processing power to rival the likes ofSamsung’s Galaxy S9 andS9+.

While we’ve had plenty of other information about this unreleased device “confirmed” by several reliable sources , a number of important design choices are still up for debate. For instance, the dual rear-facing camera implementation.

Fresh firmware obtained by XDA-Developers puts the use of two “AI” shooters beyond a shadow of a doubt, and a photograph shared on Weibo purportedly shows a vertical arrangement not unlike that of the iPhone X.

It’s basically impossible to tell if that’s indeed the back of a Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S prototype next to an existingMi MIX 2 with a single rear camera, but if the Chinese OEM does plan to “clone” Apple’s increasingly popular notch , what’s one more “homage”?

Then again, XDA’s aforementioned firmware files seem to suggest the Mi MIX 2S will stick to the bottom front-facing camera approach of its predecessors, which makes the presence of a “notch” highly unlikely.

Other newly confirmed “tidbits” include wireless charging capabilities and native Google ARCore support. No surprises there, but it’s certainly nice to have the high-end essentials all mapped out ahead of time.

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Android , Apple , dual camera , iPhone X , Mi MIX , Mi MIX 2 , Mi MIX 2S , News , notch , Rumors , Xiaomi

Android , Apple , dual camera , iPhone X , Mi MIX , Mi MIX 2 , Mi MIX 2S , News , notch , Rumors , Xiaomi

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