The smallest(6,000 lines) UI framework runs on: iOS/Android/Linux/Windows/macOS

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GuiLite - Lighter & freer

Ran on macOS & iOS:

Ran on Android & GNU/Linux embedded (ARM):

Ran on Windows Mixed Reality & QQ developers' group:


  • GuiLite has 6000 lines of C++ code, providing UI framework for all platforms for developers. Just like the pictures above, GuiLite can run on iOS, Android, GNU/Linux, Windows and macOS platforms.
  • GuiLite is a embedded UI framework. It can work with Qt/MFC/UWP/XCode, which means you can get not only GuiLite features but also iOS/Android/macOS/Qt/MFC/UWP features.
  • GuiLite can work with other languages(e.g. Swift, Java, C#).

Quick Start


Code walkthrough

How to build?

How to layout widgets?

How to dispatch messages?

Examples with Videos

GuiLite Samples' repository

GuiLite Samples' video

Alternative Repository

Link to Gitee in China

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