Sky Q customers will soon get Netflix as part of their TV bundles

03-01 16:10

Sky and Netflix have teamed up to bring the streaming service direct to Sky Q, as well as its range ofNow TV devices in Europe.

All new and existing Sky customers will be able to access the Netflix app from their Sky Q menu for the first time, including Netflix's Ultra HD shows and films. This not only means you no longer have to switch to a separate source to watch Netflix on your Sky TV, it also means you can use Sky's built-in text and voice search to find shows on the site - which can be notoriously difficult to navigate.

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If you're an existing Netflix customer, you can just sign into the app with your current login details and continue to pay a separate monthly fee, or you can move on to the Sky TV bundle that comes with Netflix for free, as part of the overall package.

It builds on the raft of new features coming to Sky Q, announced earlier this week.

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This European partnership will see Netflix - along with the new Sky TV pack - launch onSky Q in the UK and Ireland "in the coming year". Netflix will launch on Sky Q platforms in Germany, Austria and Italy afterwards. 

Prices have not yet been announced, and won't be until nearer the time Netflix launches on the platform, according to Sky. The deal does not extend to Sky+ customers and Netflix shows will not be available on the Sky Q app. 

The agreement with Netflix also extends to Sky’s contract free streaming services. In the UK and Ireland, Sky will launch Netflix as a standalone app on Now TV devices including he recently launched Now TV Smart Stick. Sky Ticket in Germany and Austria, and Now TV in Italy, will launch a standalone app on their devices in due course.

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