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03-01 08:20

For SQL Server 2017 RTM, the fourth cumulative update was released on 20th February, and it is available for download at the Microsoft Downloads site . It brought a couple of significant improvements like;

Set New Errorlogfile Location

In this blog, I am going to discuss the tip configuring new errorlogfile location on SQL Server on Linux. Let’s follow the below steps to accomplish the relocation of errorlogfile;

  • Verify the current location of SQL Server Error log file on Linux machine
SELECT SERVERPROPERTY('ErrorLogFileName') AS 'Error log file location'

  • Create a newerror folder at “/var/” location and verify it

Syntax : sudo mkdir /var/newerror (It will create the directory newmas)

Syntax : ls -l 

  • Since the created folder is owned by root user & group user, it can’t be accessed by a non-root user. You need to change the ownership of the folder to mssql by running following commands;

Syntax : sudo chown mssql /var/newerror (It changes the user ownership)

Syntax : sudo chgrp mssql /var/newerror (It changes the group user ownership)

  • Fire the below commands to set new errorlog location

Syntax : /opt/mssql/bin/mssql-conf set filelocation.errorlogfile /var/newerror/ errorlog

  • Use the following command to STOP the SQL Server service

Syntax : sudo systemctl stop mssql-server

  • START and check the STATUS of SQL Server service

Syntax : sudo systemctl start mssql-server


: sudo systemctl status mssql-server

  • Verify the new current location of SQL Server Error log file on Linux machine

With the execution of the last step, you have successfully set-up new Errorlogfile location for SQL Server on Linux machine.

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