Android P Privacy Features Will Background Apps From Accessing The Camera And Microphone

02-21 11:12

Early information about the upcoming “P” version of Android has already been discovered. In this case, it concerns privacy controls that prevent apps from accessing the camera and microphone if they are not being actively used.

XDA Developers noted the inclusion of the features while going over source code from Google’s AOSP. Overall, it looks like Google’s push for a more secure Android system is picking up steam; although there have been few actual cases of smartphone cameras and microphones being hijacked.

The new Android app rules seem to operate in a simple enough manner. It keeps track of the app UID, and blocks access in the event that the UID enters into an idle state.

Mobile privacy and security concerns are something that has been gaining more attention from Google. The company recently announced its own anti-malware solution for Android, inGoogle Play Protect, and the new feature in Android P is clearly another step in that direction.

Android P is expected to be announced during the Google I/O conference later this year, with little other information about it currently available. Including which dessert name it will take.

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