Deploy an MVC Application to the Server

02-16 18:01

Today, I will show you how to deploy your .NET MVC web application to a web server after you've finished developing and testing the application.


Select your solution in the Solution Explorer, click on BUILD , then Publish Solution.

Then click on Publish and you will see the following screenshot with your profile details:

Now, click on your profile and create your own, new profile.

After creating this new profile, click the Next tab, then navigate to the connection tab, as shown in the following screenshot:

Here, select File System and also select your location with the folder where you want to save the build solution. Then click next which takes you to the settings tab.

Select the configuration as shown above and click next.

Then preview and publish. Once you've published successfully, go to the target location folder and copy the folder to deploy it into the server.

Steps to Deploy in the Server

Now login to the server and open IIS as shown below:

Now click 'Sites':

Click Add Website, which will populate a window as shown below:

Key in the details as per your configuration requirements.

Then, finally, click ok and it will automatically create your site. Then, right click on that site and choose to browse.

Thanks for reading my article, happy coding!

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