Embracing DevOps for Cloud-Native Apps with BusinessWorks™ Container Edition

02-09 21:36

Many organizations today are feeling the pressure of digital business demands: speed of innovation, scale on demand, and optimizing costs. This has led to organizations adopting a DevOps culture that is agile and innovative. Dev and Ops collaborate to deliver software at speed while adopting agile processes and tools that can be completely automated.

An organization can simplify their DevOps with cloud-native offerings such as APIs, containerization, microservices, and continuous delivery. This leads us to BusinessWorks Container™ Edition . BWCE makes it possible to simplify the adoption of DevOps to build modern, cloud-native applications by graphically choreographing the interactions between APIs and microservices.

Organizations can leverage BWCE for building new APIs and microservices, integrate with a wide range of systems, and visually choreograph interactions between them. It helps empower developers to not just build new cloud-native apps from the ground up but also, helps them transform existing BusinessWorks applications built over the years. And it can run it on the container platform of your choice whether its a public, private, or hybrid cloud.

Through Open Source Maven Plug-in, extensible scripts, and easy integration with CI/CD tools, BWCE helps organizations set up a CI/CD pipeline to build, test, deploy, and manage applications on the target platform. It leverages native capabilities of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) or a self-managed container-as-a-service (CaaS) for managing the apps at scale through features like horizontal scalability, high availability, self-healing, and rolling updates/rollbacks etc. All these capabilities help organizations on the journey of transformation and continuous innovation.

Adopting DevOps with the help of BWCE can offer the following benefits for an organization:

  • Lower the barrier to adoption of cloud-native microservices through a visual development environment
  • Improve application development by using cloud-native toolings such as service registry, configuration management, circuit breaker patterns, and more
  • Adopt containers and leverage capabilities of PaaS and CaaS platforms to manage apps at scale
  • Use DevOps tools to enable automated and accelerated continuous delivery of cloud-native microservices

DevOps provides a way for organizations to innovate faster by continuously creating and deploying new features and capabilities for their applications. Not only does it allow them to keep up with digital demands, it also results in a positive customer experience that benefits both the organization and the user.

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