Led by TapCommerce founders, startup Attentive launches SMS/MMS marketing platform

02-09 23:46

A New York City-based startup, led by the co-founders of Twitter-acquired in-app ad retargeter TapCommerce , is out this week with a new mobile messaging platform.

The company, Attentive , has had its platform in the field for the last eight months, during which time it has been employed by more than four dozen client companies, including Boxed, AMOREPACIFIC and Bliss. This week, the company is announcing the platform, as well as announcing that it has acquired $13 million in Series A funding.

The platform is targeted at e-commerce and retail brands, and it supports SMS and MMS messages for targeted promotions, retargeting, customer service, transactions (i.e., purchases made via text messaging) or retention.

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