Amazon’s Echo Look style assistant gets a little bit smarter

02-07 19:10

Amazon has rolled out several new features for itsEcho Look “style assistant” including a new collections tool, curated content from Vogue and GQ, and voice profile support. The Echo Look is a camera that takes full-body length photos to catalogue your outfits in a “Look Book” and suggests fashion recommendations through machine learning. It also has a shopping element that suggests fashion items from (of course), Amazon.

Under the new Collections tool in the Echo Look app, users can now organize their clothing catalogue by options including color, item, and occasion. The feature also allows users to create customized lists to organize their looks for a weekend away or what to wear to a music festival. Amazon says the feature automatically creates collections for favorites, videos, camera phone photos, seasons, and even weather.

Image: Amazon/ DigiDay

If you’re still stuck on style inspiration though, from February 19th, articles from Vogue and GQ will begin showing on the home screen gallery of the Echo Look app. If a customer taps on an article, they’ll be redirected to the Vogue or GQ website and will be able to shop any of the clothing via links featured in the story.

Like other Echo devices, Echo Look is also now able to recognize voicesthrough Speaker ID. To do so, you create a voice profile in the Alexa app. Then, when you ask Echo Look to take a photo, for instance, your voice will be recognized and the photo will be assigned to your profile. The feature is meant to make it easier for Echo Look to differentiate between you and another person if you’re sharing the device, which will also keep your Look Book catalogue of outfits separate. Speaker ID can also be used with Alexa features like calling and messaging, music, and shopping.

Amazon has regularly added updates to the invitation-only Echo Look as it continually eyes more presence and cloutin the fashion space. In December,Echo Look added connectivity toAmazon Spark, so users could crowdsource votes on their outfit selfies and ask each other for more specific advice like “Which shirt matches my outfit best?” The company recentlypatented a mirror that dresses you in virtual clothes, and has developed an algorithm that can design clothing by analyzing images of current trends.

The Echo Look update is free and available now on iOS (which now supports iPhone X) and Android .

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