Apple saw $5.5 billion in revenue from AirPods, Watches, TVs and other products last quarter

02-02 06:20

Other than its iPhones and computers, Apple sells a bunch of other products, like the AirPods, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Beats products, iPod Touch and most recently, the HomePod. In Q1 2018, Apple saw $5.5 billion in revenue for these other products, an increase of 36 percent year over year .

That increase suggests Apple’s Watch Series 3, which it launched this past September, and its AirPods are selling well.

In Q4 2017, Apple sold just $3.2 billion worth of other products. To be clear, these revenues do not include pre-sales for the HomePod, which starts shipping February 9 for $349 .

Apple’s revenue in Q1 2018 was $88.3 billion, so sales from other products make up a small portion of the company’s overall revenue. Still, $5.5 billion in not a small amount of money.

Apple’s biggest revenue-driver this quarter was, unsurprisingly, the iPhone followed by services, which includes AppleCare, Apple Music and other services. In Q1 2018, Apple sold $61.6 billion worth of iPhones and $8.5 billion worth of services.

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