Square Cash now allows anyone to buy and sell bitcoin

02-01 06:12

The feature is available to most everyone who uses Cash App, unless they're in New York, Georgia, Hawaii or Wyoming. The company promises that it's working on it. This does seem to be a pretty simple way to get into owning Bitcoin, though Square warns that the cryptocurrency's price is "volatile and unpredictable." While the company won't add additional fees when you purchase Bitcoin through its app, it calculates the price when buying based on a quoted mid-market price and margin, which could be different when selling. You'll also be limited to up to $10,000 worth of Bitcoin per week, so be sure to plan accordingly.

We aren't yet rolled out in New York, Georgia, Hawaii, or Wyoming – but we're working on it! Stay tuned.

— Cash App (@CashApp) January 31, 2018
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