Spotify testing out new free music streaming app called Stations

01-31 18:50

Despite having almost all the music in the world at your hands with streaming services like Spotify, it can sometimes be too overwhelming that you can’t decide what to listen to. If what you want is just to have someone curate music for you through stations that fit to your musical tastes, Spotify seems to be testing out a new app called Stations. It is a free service that just streams curated music for you, with minimal input needed from you.

The app actually doesn’t have any searching or typing interface. All you have to do is swipe through the available stations which include Indie, Folk, Classical, and also some situational options like Roadtrip, Workout, Feel Good, etc. It also employs a bit of AI as the more you use it and listen to stations, the more it will understand what you like and eventually create personalized stations for you.

If the way it functions sounds familiar, it’s actually how Pandora worked during its earlier days and it’s how they made a name for themselves. They have actually also branched out into on-demand music streaming similar to Spotify. So having the best of both worlds seems to be the trend for these competing music services.

Stations by Spotify is already listed on the Google Play Store but it doesn’t work yet for all devices. It may just be a test app or they’re seeing how people react to it. If you’re one of the lucky few, download it and try it out since it’s free anyway.

VIA: Variety

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