TM Is Still Working To Integrate Netflix Into UniFi TV

01-25 21:31

Back in August 2017, TM has announced that it is partnering with Netflix in order to deliver the video on-demand service for UniFi customers starting from October 2017. However, nothing happened since then and there were no further updates on that matter from both companies until the media Q&A session at the UniFi launch event yesterday.

In a response to our query during the session, TM’s Executive Vice President for UniFi TV, Jeremy Kung has stated that the collaboration is still on-going. However, UniFi TV which was formerly known as HyppTV is refreshing its technology at the moment which includes the integration of Netflix into UniFi TV set top box.

Long time coming: TM has been working to deliver Netflix on its UniFi TV platform sinceway back in 2016.

This is because statistics showed that many consumers still prefer to enjoy Netflix content on the TV screen even though it is an on-demand service. Jeremy also stated that the collaboration goes beyond content delivery as well since Netflix is also interested in utilizing UniFi’s billing platform.

However, Jeremy didn’t provide any timeline on when consumers will finally able to enjoy the results of the collaboration though. Nevertheless, it might happen within this year as Imri Mokhtar, the Executive Vice President for UniFi stated there will be further announcement to be made soon as the company is working to deliver more seamless viewing experience on UniFi TV with the help of various partners.

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