Google Assistant can now match voices to specific Netflix profiles

01-24 05:08

Google has announced today that it’s expanding the Voice Match feature on Google Assistant to support separate Netflix profiles, via Android Authority .

Now, you’ll be able to attach individual Netflix profiles on your account to the various Google profiles you have set up on a Google Assistant device (like a Google Home). Just like Assistant can offer personalized information through Voice Match for bringing up calendars or commute times, now, (at least in theory), when you ask Google Home to play Netflix on your Chromecast, it’ll pick up where you left off in the middle of your Friends marathon, and not your sibling’s Altered Carbon binge.

To set up the new feature, you’ll need to go into the Google Home app and dive into the “More Settings” option in the menu, then head to Videos and Photos. There, you’ll be able to find a be a new “Manage Profile” option that lets you link which Netflix profile is attached to your Google Assistant account.

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