The 7 Most Popular DEV Posts from the Past Week

12-11 22:50

1. People believe what you tell them

Elena shares useful and actionable advice for those suffering from imposter syndrome. But really, a good reminder for all developers!

One Useful Piece of Advice To Fight The Impostor Syndrome


#coaching #advice #impostorsyndrome

2. A last resort: getters & setters

Why getters & setters can be harmful and dangerous and advice on when they might make sense.

Avoid getters and setters whenever possible


#csharp #oop #java

3. Faceoff: MongoDB vs. MySQL

Jignesh compares the schema, querying language, relationships, performance/speed, and security of two dominant databases.

Comparing MongoDB & MySQL

Jignesh Solanki

#nosql #databases #mysql #mongodb

4. The Device, The Filter and The Stream

The architecture and performance benchmarks for Nexus.js, a multi-threaded server-side JavaScript run-time based on WebKit/JavaScriptCore.

Introducing Nexus.js: A multi-threaded JavaScript run-time

Abdullah Ali

#nexusjs #server #multithreading #javascript

5. Is this JavaScript or Python?

A side by side comparison of JavaScript and Python -- multi-line strings, expression interpolations, arrow functions, and more.

JavaScript is almost pythonic

Masataka Arai

#python #javascript

6. AMA w/ Scott Hanselman!

The community asked Scott Hanselman questions and advice around life, career, and of course, open source.

I'm Scott Hanselman, ask me anything!

Scott Hanselman


7. Flashtext > Regex (sometimes)

Vikash couldn't wait five days for regex to run so he created a tool called flashtext.

Regex was taking 5 days to run. So I built a tool that did it in 15 minutes.

Vikash Singh

#nlp #informationretrieval #python #opensource

That's it for our weekly wrap up! Keep an eye on this week for daily content and discussions...and if you miss anything, we'll be sure to recap it next Monday!

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