Use Alexa Anywhere With These AI-Powered Smart Glasses

12-07 21:00

Choose from three frames in three colors (via LET Lab)

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Many have tried—and many have failed—to create actually wearable smart glasses.

Last year’s breakout star Vue has probably come the closest , currently developing smart frames designed for everyday use.

But the California-based startup has some competition: LET Lab devised a pair of AI-powered specs that meet your fashion and technology needs for half the price.

While early smart glasses prototypes (i.e. Google Glass) focused on unnecessary flourishes like augmented reality, LET VisionAI Glasses address more mundane needs:

Bone conduction tech promises an earbud-free experience; voice interaction makes it easy to control smart home devices; and activity tracking records daily health data including steps, distance, and calories burned.

Bone conduction tech promises an earbud-free experience (via LET Lab)

Unlike Vue, LET Glasses integrate with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, and support Siri or Google Now to streamline the process of searching for information, making phone calls, and following GPS directions.

“More than a pair of glasses, LET VisionAI Glasses integrates audio entertainment, telephone communication, and voice interaction and immerses you in a smart world with the most simplified operating mode,” according to the company.

Over time, the built-in deep learning system masters your habits and behaviors, eventually proving automatic weather or traffic reports, or updates on a restaurant’s discount options every time you walk by.

Motion detection, meanwhile, means the glasses automatically activate when you put them on (and power down when you remove them). A long-lasting battery guarantees up to 10 days on standby; fully recharge in 30 minutes with the included magnetic connector.

You wouldn’t even know they’re smart (via LET Lab)

Plus, the box transforms into VR glasses (think Google Cardboard) for a zero-waste, two-for-one deal.

LET VisionAI Glasses are on sale now via Indiegogo for an early-bird price of $119—more than 50 percent off the expected retail price of $259.

Choose from three frames and colors—basic, modern, or vintage in black, red, or blue. A non-prescription blue-light-filtering lens is included with every pair; customers can upgrade to polarized lenses (no prescription) for $1, or photochromatic lenses—plus $15 without prescription; plus $30 with prescription.

Worldwide shipping is estimated to begin in May.

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