Samsung wants to read your palm as new biometric security feature

12-04 18:08

We're well accustomed to fingerprint scanning phones like theLG G6, have given our eyes over to the iris-scanningSamsung Galaxy S8, and let theiPhone X unlock our phones with our faces. Where next for biometrics, using our bodies to secure our devices?

According to a newly-uncovered Samsung patent , the future may lie with palm readings. No, not the sort where you cross your fleshy mitts with silver, but with using a phone's camera system to assess the unique lines and crevices that make up the central part of your hand.

Rather than replacing existing security methods, it would be used as an auxiliary measure, supporting other systems already in place to add another layer of protection to your phone and its contents.

Palming off passwords

Specifically, the patent points to palm reading being used when a user is looking to generate a password hint. Rather than falling back on security questions (which can be easily hacked or guessed), the palm reading would throw up a few hints at characters present in the forgotten password.

The thinking being is that, if a password is lost, a hacker would lose access to easy-to-crack security questions, while if your device itself went missing, at least your accounts would be safe if your palm wasn't present.

As a patent, there's no guarantee that it'll make its way into a phone – it's Samsung's means of protecting its future gazing ideas. While theSamsung Galaxy S9 is probably too close to release to see its inclusion, but more far-flung Samsung gear could see it implemented.

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