The Ultimate Productivity Gift Guide: 16 Things to Give You More Time (and Sleep)

12-04 18:00

16 Perfect Gifts for the Frequent Travel and Productivity Guru

On the go

What's on every entrepreneur's wish list this year? Probably more time. Here are 15 unique products that will boost productivity in the office, so there's more time for relaxation.

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1. Cuyana Travel Wallet

Stop digging through that bag for your passport and credit cards. This sleek travel wallet has labeled compartments and lots of room to keep all your belongings safe and organized. ($185)  

IMAGE: Courtesy Cuyana

2. Trtl Pillow

It can be hard to get proper sleep while you're on the road, so give the gift of a good rest with this handy travel pillow . It provides extra neck support so you can wake up refreshed. ($39.99)

IMAGE: Courtesy Trtl

3. Pack This! Notepad

Never forget to bring extra socks and a toothbrush again. If you're constantly bolting to the airport, this comprehensive checklist  will make packing a breeze. ($6.99)

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4. Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones

Traveling isn't often a silent affair. Bose's wireless noise-canceling headphone lets you listen to your favorite podcasts and music in in peace. $349.95

IMAGE: Courtesy Bose

5. Tile Tracker

This bluetooth tracker is perfect for the forgetful person in your life. It helps them keep tabs on all of their most important belongings. (Starts at $25)

IMAGE: Courtesy Tile

6. Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Paper to digital--just like that. Write notes freehand and instantly transfer them to your screen in real-time. It's the best of both worlds. ($199)

IMAGE: Courtesy Moleskin

7. Philips Wake-Up Light

No need for that jarring alarm clock. This device- slowly fills your room with light. (For the ultimate sleep experience. pair with Tomorrow Sleep's blackout drapes .) ($69.99) 

IMAGE: Courtesy Company

8. Mod Tablet 4

This leather case has space for your iPad, phone, cards, keys, and cables. A magnetic base allows for customizable inserts, and each tablet comes with a Tile tracker. ($435)

IMAGE: Courtesy Spring

9. Kindle Paperwhite

Read on the road with this perfectly-sized e-reader . Includes adjustable lighting and no glares. A Prime membership gives you access to over 1,000 free books. ($119.99)

IMAGE: Courtesy Amazon

10. TravelCard Charger

Mobile chargers can be bulky, but this charger is slim enough to fit inside your wallet. It's a lifesaver for the light packer. ($39)

IMAGE: Courtesy TravelCard

11. Dell Inspiron 2-in-1

Go from work to play with this 2-in-1 laptop . It's portable, flexible, and perfect for the tech-savvy traveler who knows movies are just important as spreadsheets on the plane. (Starts at $849.99)


12. Davek Umbrella

These high-quality umbrellas are strong enough to withstand even the hardest winds, and include a lifetime guarantee. You can even have your company's logo printed on them as a corporate gift. (Starts at $49)

IMAGE: Davek

13. Brandless Products

Tired of hotel brands and expensive snacks? Brandless 's non-toxic, non-GMO products range from beauty to food--and only $3 per item. 

IMAGE: Brandless

14. SureCall EZ 4G

Working from home for a while? This cellphone signal booster works with all carriers on 4G LTE and 3G to eliminate dropped or missed calls in all the dead spots of your office. ($299.99)

IMAGE: Surecall

15. Supersmile Ultimate Whitening System

This  toothpaste set will help you get that pearly white smile. Pair it with the Advanced Pulse Toothbrush, which has a two-speed setting and beeps every 30 seconds to remind you to change quadrants. ($99)

IMAGE: Courtesy Supersmile

16. HP Stream Laptop

Looking for a simple laptop that doesn't cost a fortune? This streaming laptop gives you the essential productivity you want, without slowing down. ($219.99)


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